Adults Tournaments

Adults (18&Over)

Adults tennis is played on full court size with yellow balls.

-Best of 3 short sets to 4 games with a tie-break in 3rd set to 10points with 2 point clear, if it reaches 1 set all. If it reaches 3 games all, then it is set tie-break with the first to 7 points and 2 points clear.

-3-4 Matches played at Grade 5 & Grade 4

-Trophies & Medals

-only 3 wins against the same or better rated players are needed to improve rating (Must only be able to play Adults tennis only)

-Fun introduction to rules and scoring format

Why Us

We want to create the most positive, energetic and fun atmosphere for players. Our team is dedicated to create events which allow players to thrive & enjoy playing in tournaments.

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         01 Oct 2023

Adult’s- Grade 5- Weoley Hill -Outdoor- Open