Here are some common questions we get asked:

General Information

What is Aim Tennis?

Aim Tennis is a British based company.

  • We offer coaching for all ages and abilities of players. Currently running programmes at 2 Venues in south Birmingham. No matter how good you are or even if you  haven’t played tennis before, there will be something for you to take part in.


  •  Another part of Aim Tennis is LTA Tournaments. Currently we run tournaments at 3 Venues over south Birmingham for Mini Tennis, Juniors & Adults. Trying to give players and parents the best experience.


How do I contact you?

There are 2 ways to contact us:

The first way is to fill out a email form, which can be done here.

The second way is to email info@aimtennis.co.uk for infomation. 

What Social Media sites are you on and how do I follow?

The social media sites that we currently run on are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Follow us on Facebook click here 

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How do I subscribe to the tournament mailing list?

To subscribe to the tournament mailing list, head to homepage and scroll down until you find the subscription form. Fill the form in and then press subscribe. 

LTA Tournaments

What Tournaments do we run?

We currently run LTA tournaments at a couple of venues across Birmingham.

Mini Tennis- We run 8&Under(Red Ball), 9&Under(Orange Ball) and 10&Under(Green Ball) at Grade 6, Grade 5 and Grade 4 to suit all needs of players. For dates, times and venues click here.

Junior Tennis- We run both Boys and Girls from 12&Under up to 18&Under at Grade 6, Grade 5 and Grade 4 to suit all needs of players. For dates, times and venues click here.

Adults- We run a small amount of adults events for both men and women at Grade 5 and Grade 4. For dates, times and venues click here.

Non-LTA Graded tournaments – Other event that we support and run are: Team Challenges, Quorn Family Tennis Cup and the British Tennis Festival.


How to Enter an LTA Tournament?

All you need to start playing in competitions is to be a British Tennis Member, you’ll recieve a membership number and a player rating, which helps identify you and makes sure your match results are recorded.   You can do this on the LTA site.

Once you have got your British Tennis Member number and rating, you can start searching for tournaments that you want to enter. 

When you have found the tournament you want to enter, then you add it to your basket and then proceed to checkout.

What does each grade mean?

There are 7 different graded tournaments.

Grade 7

If you are just starting to compete, Grade 7 competitions offer a great opportunity to gain some competitive experience in a local environment. These include local competitions such as club or squad box leagues and ladders. This grade of competition counts for ratings but not rankings. 

Grade 6

Competitions in this grade are usually match-plays which are open to all players to enter. They are run throughout the year and across the country and offer players in all age groups the chance to develop their competitive tennis. This grade of competition counts for ratings but not rankings.

Grade 5

These competitions take place at local club or county level and are open to players of all ages and abilities. They might be for specific age groups or cater for different age groups within one tournament. These competitions count for both ratings and rankings.

Grade 4

These are county level competitions giving players the opportunity to gain competition experience at the next level and count for both ratings and rankings.

Grade 3

These are regional level competitions that count for both ratings and rankings. There are opportunities for players of all ages to compete in grade 3 competitions throughout the year.

Grade 2

These are national level competitions and count for both ratings and rankings.

Grade 1

This is the top level of national competition and counts for ratings and rankings.

Late Entries for LTA Graded tournaments?

Once the tournament has closed on the LTA site, all players will be classified as a late entry and will need to email info@aimtennis.co.uk to enter the tournament. 

For all Grade 7 & 6 tournaments all players will be accepted when entering as a late entry.  

For tournaments Graded 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1, players will only be accepted if there is space in the tournament and is also dependent on the players rating and/or ranking.

What happens on the day of a Tournament?

What should I do when I arrive at the competition?

On arrival at the competition venue, make sure you go straight to the sign-in desk so the organiser knows you are on site and ready to play when called. All of the competition notices that includes the  draw sheets, the LTA Competition Regulations and Fair Play notices will be on display at the venue.

How will I know when I can go on court to start my match?

The organiser will call matches when courts become available and players are ready to play. Ensure you know which scoring format the organiser is using before heading to the courts.

What should I do after my match?

Once the match has been completed both you and your opponent must report the score to the organiser and find out what time your next match will be. Before leaving the competition, ensure you have no further matches that day.

What Venues do we work at?
  • West Warwicks Sports Club
  • Weoley Hill Tennis Club 
  • Kings Heath Tennis Club
  • Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre 


What Venues do we work at?

Currently, we hold coaching lessons at Kings Heath Tennis Club and Bournville Park.


What programmes do you run?

The programmes that we run are Mini tennis, Tennis For Kids and Tennisforfree. 

What is Tennis For Free?
TFF is a community sports charity. TFF state that they provide free coach led tennis sessions and free access to tennis courts in local parks around the UK targeting all members of the community, especially children from low income and workless families.
The TFF Sessions, run at our participating public facilities, welcome all members of the local community from children to adults. The sessions are family oriented meaning that there’s something for everyone and the sessions are split into 3 sub groups to accommodate the differing standards. As all the sub-groups are standard based, we don’t label them according to age, rather ‘Parent & Child Group’, ‘Beginner Groups, ‘Improvers+ Group’. Each TFF session is 1.5 hours in the length with the first hour delivered by a team of coaches/assistants and the second 1/2 hour as Open Play.
What is Tennis For Kids?

Tennis for Kids offers children, aged 4-11, the opportunity to fall in love with tennis, by taking part in a 6 session introductory course delivered by specially trained and enthusiastic coaches, across the UK. 

The kids will receive a Racket & ball set and Personalised t-shirt that is sent in the post.  Activity cards, lanyards, stickers and certificates are handed out at the sessions. 

How do I keep up to date with Coaching Lessons?

You can subscribe to our mailling list here.